About Us

About Us

At F.T. Kelley & Sons we understand that a pool is a major investment in adding an additional dimension of character and quality to your backyard. We know that when you look to someone to construct or service your swimming pool you want to be assured of their workmanship quality as well as their integrity and business ethics. In other words, you want to know to whom you are investing your time and money. You want to put a face with your pool service provider.

F.T. Kelley & Sons has the face of family, the face of tradition, the face of a lifetime of accountability. We are proud to say that our quality construction and the drive to make you a happy lifetime customer have afforded us the opportunity to serve the Tri-State and its surrounding counties for over 50 years.

F.T. Kelley & Sons is not one of those "family companies" where the work done by the "family" is raking in the money while delegating hired hands to do the real labor. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you decide to make F.T. Kelley & Sons your swimming pool provider, then you will see just how family oriented we are. At F.T. Kelley & Sons almost every aspect of your pool needs is handled by someone in the Kelley family. Please, allow me to introduce you to our family.

Floyd Kelley (as in F.T.) was our patriarch and founder of the business. Floyd spent his entire life building this business to be a successful way to supply our family with our working needs, and more importantly an heir loom to be passed down from generation to generation. His vision of this company is simple. If you buy a pool from us, then we will be here 20 years from now to serve your every pool need. Not bought out by one of the "big guys" and not floundering from over-extension due to greedy business practices. Steady and reliable both today and tomorrow. Floyd passed away in early 2012 just shy of the companies 60th year of business. Though he is gone, the business practice and work ethic he ingrained into his sons lives on in our day to day business operation.

The next Kelley that you will deal with is Floyd's oldest son, Wayne Kelley. Wayne is the current president of F.T. Kelley & Sons and is in charge of the actual construction of your swimming pool. With more than 40 years experience building pools as well as an ever watching eye for detail, it is safe to say that a pool that built under the supervision of Wayne will be built to the absolute exacting standards. Generally good-natured with a great sense of humor, Wayne wants to make sure that not only do you enjoy his finished product, but that you also enjoy its installation process.

After Wayne finishes the pool structure it is up to his younger brother Chris Kelley to apply the finishing touches. Chris is the Vice President and busy bee of the company. He is in charge of turning the concrete and steel hole that Wayne leaves into a sparkling oasis in your backyard. He will install your vinyl liner as well as finish up all the plumbing work. Chris is also the head of our service department. There isn't a liner patched, a gasket replaced, or a pool serviced that he has not authorized. If building swimming pools is the backbone to our company, the Chris is the muscles that flex it.

The final Kelley in the business is Jake. The oldest son of Wayne, Jake is the company's sales manager and contact regarding any swimming pool questions you might have. From your first inquiry to the no-obligation in-home estimate to the completion of the pool, F.T. Kelley & Sons provides you with a real-time 24/7 contact regarding any questions, concerns, or ideas that you might have. In addition to the pool sales, Jake also heads the retail front of the company. From chemicals to equipment to specialty parts, F.T. Kelley & Sons maintains a reliable resource for all of your pool needs 7 days a week.