Keep Your Evansville, IN Pool in Top Condition

Keep Your Evansville, IN Pool in Top Condition

Trust F.T. Kelley & Sons for dependable pool services

F.T. Kelley & Sons offers a variety of pool services to make sure your pool’s ready for you and your family to use. We provide:

  • Basic service calls. We’ll inspect and repair every aspect of your pool, including your pumps, filters and gaskets. 
  • Weekly maintenance service. We’ll consistently vacuum your pool, empty the skimmers, check the filtration system and add chemicals. If your pool needs additional chemicals, we’ll bring them from one of our stores and add the cost to the weekly maintenance fee. 
  • Refurbishment. We’ll renovate your pool to make it look like new.
  • Free computerized water analysis. We’ll take a sample of your pool water to our store and test it for free. Once we see the results, we’ll let you know which chemicals would work best for your pool. 

Our team will make sure your pool remains in good shape so that you get the most out of your investment.

Schedule your pool cleaning, repair or maintenance appointment in Evansville, IN by calling today.

Need help opening or closing your pool?

Hire F.T. Kelley & Sons to take care of that for you. We’ll make sure your pool’s ready to use in the summer by removing the cover and checking your water lines. During the winter, we’ll replace the cover and service your water lines to make sure they won’t freeze or burst in the cold weather. You can rest assured that we’ll maintain your pool so you and your family can keep enjoying it.

Contact us for more information about our pool opening and closing service in Evansville, IN.